Qian Li

In May 2013, I will complete my Bachelor degree of Integrated Business Administration. The program is intensive and provided me an overall understanding of today's business environment, perspectives include: financial and managerial accounting, global business management, supply chain management, business law, services marketing and most importantly China society and marketing in China.

Over the past 3 years in my university, I was in charge of a design studio which focusing on outsource graphic and marketing campaign design jobs all-over the world. In one case, I pulled out all the visual elements of Joe Wong (a stand comedian who performed for the president of US), for his visiting to University of Toronto, and that was a big hit. Most people say they can see the professionalism out of the show's poster, ticket and website design. I've conquered the problem with time difference, culture difference and cooperate with those people who I never worked with before, conducted the job in an efficient and effective manner.

I describe my core competence positioned in the over lapping zone of business administration, graphic design and information technology. With great passion and an acute sense of the market, I'm able to forecast customers' demand or capture it in the first sight; combined with my distinctive aesthetic taste and adroitly design software skills, I'm sure that I can be the person who make ideas into practice, thus help the company better communicate product and culture to the audiences.