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Address: 596 Malcolm X Blvd #273

New York, NY 10037

Phone: 646-386-2340

About US

If you’re looking for affordable and flexible auto lease options in NYC, contact the experienced, qualified and honest staff at Car Leasing Pro. Featuring all the latest makes and models you know and love, friendly and helpful leasing agents and some of the lowest prices in the area, is the preferred choice for prospective lessees in the New York area. We understand the unique and diverse needs of drivers in this region and we here to help them find the perfect car for professional and personal lives.

Lessees sometimes find themselves needing to terminate their leases due to changing circumstances in their lives. Whether they’re expecting a new addition to their family and need a bigger vehicle; change jobs and need something more fuel efficient to accommodate the long commute; or they’re just looking to downsize, doesn’t believe our customers should be punished for the inevitability of change. If you need to terminate your lease, for whatever reason, we’re committed to making the process as easy and affordable as possible.

The reality is that lease agreements exist for a reason. They’re mean to hold both parties to a promise they make by signing the contract. It’s also true, however, that sometimes it’s necessary to find a way out of an auto lease. Some of the more common obstacles associated with the lease termination process include, but are not limited to outstanding payments, mileage penalties, maintenance costs and more. In the best-case scenario, you can find someone to take over your lease payments for the remaining term or a lease buy-out as part of buying a new car with the same dealership.

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Hours: Mon - Thur 9am – 9pm, Fri 9am – 7pm, Sat 9am – 9pm, Sun 10am – 7pm

Payment Accepted: Cash, All Cc, Checks