Lease IT Corp

Pennsylvania, United States

The LEASEIT Corporation helps corporate and small business finance their equipment even when financing is not available to them through their local banking institutions.

When you work with us you get an equipment leasing company that genuinely cares about their clients and exhibits moral, professional and resourceful character qualities in it's pursuit to arrange the best possible financing for them.

The LEASEIT Corporation services lessees and vendors throughout the country with our nationwide and area equipment leasing programs - ranging from $2,000 on up. We lease everything from medical equipment to printing presses. From office equipment to telecommunication and computers. Our lease rates are extremely competitive. We process credit applications quickly and we pay vendors promptly. Use our free equipment lease calculator.

Our equipment leasing company only requires the first and last months payment at lease signing, plus a small doc fee and then you are good to go. We'll even give you a $1.00 purchase option at the end of the lease to buy the equipment if you so desire.