reneé lawter

Reneé Lawter grew up in Scranton, PA with sticky east coast summers and the cold snowy winters where she wished she was Jackie Paper in Puff the Magic Dragon up until she was 5 years old. Her mom read story books to her before bed time turning her on to such stories as “The Pirates’ Tale” by Janet Aitchison and Jill McDonald & Babar visits another planet by Laurent de Brunhoff that simply feed the imagination that is now creating characters that have been described as whimsically dark.

She studied Fine Arts @ Keystone College a private very focused art school where she experienced many types of medium such as bronze casting, photography, arc welding, pottery, life drawing, & oil painting just to name a few. Reneé then proceeded to The Fashion Institute of Tech. in NYC to get her Bachelors degree in a new program for TOY Design graduating with honors . She began career at Tyco Toys where she interned just outside of Philadelphia, PA. The long cold winters pushed her off to the West Coast for some sunshine @ MATTEL Toys in 1996 where her job was developing plush toys & various product lines for Disney & Pixar properties. Three years later she decided it was time for a change & entered the fashion industry creating designs for the Raver/Club scene & project managing special events for the company. A year later, she Founded EYERUS PROPAGANDA, INC visual communications studio in 1999 with her 2 partners whom she’s known since college, splitting time just like a classic Gemini running Eyerus by day & creating art by moonlight in her home studio.

The work of Reneé Lawter has taken a direction in conservation and preservation. Using her characters to deliver this potent message which she is known for, unique characters with crooked smiles that welcome the viewer into a world both foreign & familiar. Sepia tones combined with beautifully chosen vintage frames force the viewer to take a more serious look at these cuddly monsters as she masterfully balances her wit and message within the confines of each piece. The subject matter lays bare the wastefulness of our consumer culture, yet delivers it’s meaning in small bite size portions. Playful characters charm the viewer into thought with each global issue that is addressed. Reneé uses her uncanny ability to present her point of view through images with which you can’t help but to sympathize.

Reneé has been creating incredible creatures for over 20 years.