Leather Fashion

After the errors to avoid, we will logically look at conditions that all good leather must fill.

The cut: it should be architecture. The notion of oversize does not exist on a leather jacket.Why? The oversize is often practiced on fluid materials (cotton, coarse-mesh etc.): it is an effect that serves to give poise and that amplifies the movement of a garment. Gold leather is stiff: it will really move in motion (or then you took a disproportionately fragile fine leather).

Pay particular attention to the sleeves and back: avoid like the plague the elastic side’s edges that will make you a lower completely packed back and which are often synonymous with poor quality leather.Finally, a leather is expensive to retouch and retouches few are competent to do so.In short, go try or be sure to have taken your measurements in centimeters.

Sobriety: except in the case of a perfecto, avoid the too full of seams and closures. Your leather jacket is a versatile and expensive piece that you wear often.If you buy your first jacket and you're still searching for your style, certain types of jackets will be avoided because they lock you into a total look: this is the case of the jacket with Turtleneck or the perfecto.Download New Catalogues Click here

Finishes: avoid the leathers with a button placket closure. It is for me a complete stylistic nonsense: a placket is too valuable. A leather, it puts and it closes automatically, without thinking, and it necessarily passes by a zip. Even if it engages only me.A top-of-the-range leather to detect elsewhere in a quality zipper: addition to uphill YKK, the must is closing RIRI. It is a Swiss metal closure.

Material:The best-known and most versatile materials are sheep or lamb leather.