Léatitia Brière

Hi everyone !

I'm a budding writer and a huge book lover. I'm addicted to music, series and whatever I find beautiful and inspiring. I have a blog where I also share my reviews and a few interviews with writers.


Since 2012, I wrote five novels and a few novellas, the latter I will self-publish. I'm currently trying to finish my second book series. You can spot me daydreaming about my characters and my books in class, on the bus or... actually pretty much everywhere because I just can't help it !

I am French and I recently (since January 2015) started to write in English. I possess over two hundreds books, I've been told that's a lot ! I think my to read list will eventually get bigger than me ! (Well, I'm not tall...) I am a huge fan of Amy Plum, Stacey Jay, Lauren Oliver and John Green. I also love discovering indie writers and talking with them is always inspiring.

My favorite classics are Pride and Prejudice, Wuthering Heights, Hamlet, The Ghost of Canterville (I read it a dozen of times !) and The Flowers of Evil by Charles Baudelaire. I mostly read YA, Romance and Paranormal books. But I'm always up for something different !

My first publication, #amWriting, is a collection of short poems. I hope you will enjoy my words and come find me to share your thoughts.

Happy reading !