Whitney Canales

Olympia, WA

What do I want you to know about me? Maybe that I am skeptical and questioning. That I grew up a die-hard conservative and somehow ended up a Democrat with tacos in my hand for the homeless and a bleeding heart in my chest. (I can't help it, I've tried.) I am creative but lack motivation. I am compassionate, lazy, honest, impatient, forgiving, and laid-back. I try to live for Jesus, but am daily confused and tried. I genuinely love people and hardly ever meet someone I don't like. I take pictures and sing and draw and write.

I was born in Texas, lived in a few other places as the daughter of a military man, married my love at 20, had my first child at 21, had my second child at 23, moved to the state of Washington last year. My children are my life, and my days are made full when I create. I consider myself extremely lucky to have been born into this easy, comfortable life, and ask every day, why me? Seriously, why. I haven't come up with an answer yet.

Aren't I supposed to include something in this thing that is of little substance? I'd hate to disappoint, so in that case, here we go. I find joy in little adventures, coffee with cream, green grass, purging junk, raw honey, drawing with a pencil, staying up past my bedtime, vintage stuffs, and lavender oil.

And that's that. I don't have much of a biography, but that's what I'll give you tonight.