Le Babuks


Lebabuk is an online store with core business are sell various products of modern fashion and reusable products. But look at the number of people who are productive and dynamic experience turmoil in choosing the best path for his life, we decided to provide consulting services, not as a psychologist, more to himself planning consulting and career plans with the discussion and share your knowledge or experience to achieve goals better.

We were quite young in this business, but we are not indiscriminate in this build. Our product quality is the best. Customer satisfaction is our main goal.

Our goal is to make people become more fashionable, in the spirit of life without compromising the environment.

Purchases made through the transfer. To order please contact via message facebook / twitter / linkedin. Further information can contact us through Mobile 087788055520

You claim to be a fashionista? you want to have colorful lifel? you love the environment? This is the right place for you to start your day! Transactions wide open for you!

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