Leba Ethnic Media

multicultural marketing, ethnic advertising, and translation and production services in Melbourne, Australia

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Leba Ethnic Media specialise in the placement of advertising in multicultural media in Australia. This includes, digital, social, wechat, press, radio and TV. Leba also provides professional translation and production of material in all formats in over 120 languages. Leba also provide multicultural market information and can help determine the best communication plans for a client's needs.

Leba’s mission is to empower multicultural communities. They do this through the facilitation of a mutually beneficial interaction between Australia’s CALD media and advertisers through the supply of detailed media information, class leading systems and processes and outstanding service to suppliers and clients alike.

Leba includes services like multicultural marketing, translation services australia, ar and vr translations, foreign language typesetting, translations for social media, advertise on yupptv and many more. Visit our website: https://www.leba.com.au