David Leb

Founded by David Leb, Eco Wave Power is committed to transforming wave energy into a clean and bottomless supply of usable power. One patent under development at EWP is a proprietary method of providing sustainable and affordable solutions such as electricity. Due to its low cost and incredible efficiency, EWP's solution can power local communities, cities, and even entire countries.

An experienced marketer of online wagering, web consultant David Leb developed campaigns and events for Internet casino gaming sites. He also holds patents on a method of advertising online betting services on the bodies of athletes in certain sporting events. The process provides for a smudge-proof and perspiration-resistant removable tattoo that is placed on the exposed surface of athletes’ bodies, including the areas of the upper back and shoulder blades. Boxing, ultimate fighting, professional wrestling, swimming, beach volleyball, and several other sports are eligible for David Leb’s patented process. David Leb also shares a patent for an online, trivia-based wagering system. TriviaMania.com conducts tournament-style and single trivia games for individuals betting either actual or virtual money. Prior to the posting of a question, the protected site facilitates open communication between players; additionally, it establishes value accounts and pays winners. TriviaMania.com is one of the online gaming sites eligible for David Leb’s patented body tattoo promotional method. In addition to his inventions and Internet consulting endeavors, David Leb owns a surf camp in Panama. Located near Santa Catalina, Rancho Estero attracts surfers, scuba divers, and those who appreciate a tropical paradise with a beautiful view. Overlooking the Pacific Ocean at Playa Estero, the resort includes six cabanas accommodating one to three people each. David Leb refurbished Rancho Estero in 2010 to include televisions, free Internet, hammocks, chaise lounges, a patio area, a central kitchen, and a tiki bar. Playa Estero provides consistent but gentle waves suitable for bodysurfers, long boarders, boogie boarders, and beginners. Nearby Playa Santa Catalina benefits from volcanic formations creating a fabulous surf break and attracting fish, scuba divers, and more accomplished surfers. A wave rider himself, particularly a stand-up paddle surfer, David Leb takes pleasure in other outdoor events as well, including hiking. He is a di