Celeste Lebeau

Student, Artist, and Actor in Miami, Florida

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✧Hello! I’m Celeste. I am Basque-Latina living in Florida.

✧I was born on October 6th, I currently am 18 years old.

✧I go by she/her. he/him are also acceptable!

✧I am androgynous, panromantic, and repulsed.

✧ENFP, Lawful Evil, Slytherin, Fairy-type

✧Libra w/ Pisces Moon

✧My main interests are Tales of Zestiria, Overwatch, Sailor Moon, Hetalia, Vocaloid, Communications, Nintendo and musicals!

✧I am a beginner cosplayer, but I have improved much since 2011. I have done over 30 different cosplay costumes and am starting to design my own.

✧I have a lovely girlfriend named Eri. She’s an artist and probably one of my art inspirations as well. She’s also my Sorey , Miku, and Tuxedo Mask too as well as the Karamatsu to my Jyushimatsu (inside joke) I love Eri so much and we’re going to meet in October for my birthday! She’s truly the kindest and most understanding person I’ve ever met and deserves everything in the world. I really love her.

✧In my freetime, I enjoy to write novels and short stories! I currently am working on my OC piece and an AU for Eri and I. I am also working on two requests.

✧I do take requests but note , they will take quite a while for me to produce

✧I also go by the names: Emma, Usagi, Fio, and Daisy.

✧Check out my IDs here!