Luis A. Echevarria Cordoves

Professional Services in the United States

Award winning Sales, Marketing & Education Professional with a diversified experience record in business development and new product launches with globally present organizations such as: Pfizer, King Pharmaceuticals and Sara Lee Corporation. Considered dynamic, innovative, with productive interpersonal and communication skills. Certified skills trainer. Provided effective results to Strategic Business Units (SBU) through marketing research, marketing planning, advertising, and design. Computer skills: Windows®, Microsoft Word ®, PowerPoint®, and Excel®. Extensive experience with Healthcare related topics including Clinical Studies, Healthcare Management Organizations, Pharmacy Benefits Management. Investigational and research abilities with special coordination skills and a high degree of insight and knowledge with regards to sensitive and time-constraint investigation and results with the consequent submission using statistical analysis reporting tools. Borned to loving parents and grew up among many siblings and friends. I love the outdoors, reading, taking pictures, great art and enjoying family and good friends. God is the North in my life and has done amazing things in it. He is the Master Architect of the universe. I am also a life apprentice which is one of the best parts of it. When it comes to the bottom line, I am your guy. Feel free to enjoy life, there is more to it than you may think. If the world is going around too fast for you, just get off, take a break and then get back on it. Looking for what makes a soul whole is just one of the plans for life, and then there is more. I like people to be straightforward with me; that is honesty. I am also grateful for the opportunity to live in this time and place. Now I only need to find out why and enjoy myself while at it. Last but not least, "You gotta have a dream" :) .

  • Work
    • Manufacturing
  • Education
    • Master in Business Administration
    • BSc Biology