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Flashlights & Headlamps in Morrisville, North Carolina

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We have the best selection of the LED flashlights which include tactical flashlights, everyday carries, search lights, rechargeable lights and so much more. We carry top brands like Nitecore, Olight, Jetbeam, Niteye, Sunwayman, Eagletac, Zebralight, etc. We also offer the premium NcStar and VISM optical scopes.

Our general lab consumables are aimed at taking the hard work out of scientists searching for those must-have products which all laboratories rely on including syringe filters, sampling and packaging bottles, tubes, pipettors, cell culture portfolio and we are constantly adding more.

View our selection of batteries and chargers. We offer the best protected and unprotected 18650 batteries, CR123A batteries and AA batteries. And we offer the chargers from top brands such as XTAR and Nitecore, from the convenient USB chargers to the sophisticated LCD Li-ion/NI-MH chargers.

We offers LED flashlights, headlamps, rechargeable battery, chargers, at very affordable prices and at the same time we provide best quality of products.

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Address: 2000 Bear Cat Way STE 111, Morrisville, NC 27560


Phone: +1 800-387-7356