Deb Crofutt

Roatan, Islas de la Bahia, Honduras

I am a wife and the mother of two grown sons. I spent most of my "adult" life in the banking industry. In 2012 I had my fill of the corporate world and all of the ridiculous bullshit that is part of it. I packed my bags and my cat and moved to Roatan Honduras for 4 months, alone. In 2007 we bought property on the island with the intention of retiring there. I felt the need to be away from my life for awhile. I needed to ascertain things about myself, find out who I really was and what I wanted my last few decades here on earth to look like. It was an experience for sure. The house was started while I was here but after 4 months, my husband wanted me to come home. He came down to get me and to help me with the animals. I moved with one cat but while on the island I rescued a pup that I named Highway. Bill took him and I took the cat and we were back in the USA before I could blink. After a broken ankle, and a few knee replacements we sold everything we owned and left the counrty, bound for Roatan. We arrived on Oct. 26, 2013 with 2 dogs and a cat. For the first 4.5 months we rented right next door to our house. We adopted another dog along the way. Then we moved in to the first floor, now we are living upstairs. It's been different but I love our life here. I love the kindness of people, the simplicity of life and I totally am mesmerized by the beauty that surrounds us in our daily life.

I've always wanted to live on an island and now thanks to some serious planning and a loving husband, here we are.

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