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A: I'm a poor poker player, due to the fact I can not help grinning like the village idiot when blessed with a successful hand or frowning like a sad clown when given a dud.

I also never mak...

Q: I've a good idea for an amazing new product. There is nothing like it available on the market and no competition that I will find. I think it'll be described as a huge success and so does everyone I tell the theory to. I'm prepared to bet the farm on this one. What you think my likelihood of success are?

A: I'm a bad poker player, due to the fact I can not help grinning like the village idiot when blessed with a winning hand or frowning like a sad clown when dealt a dud.

I also never make possibilities on the achievement of 'amazing new services' since more often than perhaps not the only thing that's amazing is the way the solution is totally overlooked by the buying public. In my software business there have been instances when we came up in what we thought was an amazing idea for an amazing piece of software - a piece of software so amazing, in fact, that we knew that all mankind would sit up and take notice, then line up to write us inspections. Learn supplementary info on a related essay - Click here: consumers.

After hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars spent building the item we were surprised to find the only those who thought the software was really remarkable was us.

We made humanity yawn. Quite an incredible success, easily do say therefore myself.

It concerns me that you say there's nothing like your idea in the marketplace. When you may think that is the best thing, it could actually mean that there's no market for the product. Exactly the same holds true for too little opposition. An absence of competition may imply that there's no demand for such a product.

Rarely does something come along that revolutionizes a market. Rarer still does an item create-a new business on its own. So, how can you tell if your wonderful new product is really worth gambling o-n? The stark reality is, it is possible to never be a century certain that your thought will sell. No-matter how enamored you are of it or how much your friends rave about it, the success of the new idea depends upon numerous elements, many of which are beyond your control.

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