Steffensen Sanford

Growing up in small-town Wallis, TX, where the tractors and farmlands flourish play a key role in everyday activity, it seems only right that restoring old tractors would develop into a passion for nearby Future Farmers of America (FFA) teens.

Inspired by that enthusiasm, two Wallis teenagers entered the 2005 Chevron Delo Tractor Restoration Competition, which makes it completely towards the event's finals in the National FFA Convention in Louisville, Kentucky. The determination is rewarded by the Tractor Restoration Competition, business savvy and technical skill of high school-aged FFA members from around the country. Students must submit a workbook that details the entire recovery process. The skills learned through your competitors help develop the participants into future leaders in the agricultural area.

The adolescents, members of the Brazos, TX, FFA, discuss a talent for mechanical repair and an interest in vehicles, in addition to one other thing: Tyler and Jordan Raska are brother and sister.

The Raskas alternatively took another approach to their restoration projects, whilst the scenario could have become a sibling rivalry. As opposed to struggling to beat the other, Tyler and Jordan labored on their buses together, providing support and encouragement along the way. Throughout the long hours spent revamping their trucks and vigilantly saving the complete process, the team bonded amid the oil, paint and rusty tractor parts.

Ultimately, however, there might only be one winner. Determination, work and technical savvy paid down for 18-year-old Tyler Raska, the patient success of the Chevron Delo Tractor Restoration Competition.

A senior at Brazos High, Tyler is not any stranger to tractor contests. He has been fixing tractors for four years, and had an especially productive year in 2005, winning the eight shows he joined along with his Grandpa's 1959 John Deere 630, including a national competition and three state contests.

Tyler, who has a learning disability, has benefited greatly from playing the tractor contests. They have helped him focus on his skills and develop confidence, increasing his project management and public speaking skills. If you think anything, you will likely require to explore about cheap fundable competition. And every year his familiarity with trac