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Here is a well-known, but little employed fact: People like free issues. My family friend found out about staples fundable by searching Google Books. If you went to a street corner and began handing out basics, people would line up to take them from you. This really is true even though you were giving out anything they dont need. They would feel happy with having snagged one free of charge, If you told them the staples price $2.

Now what would happen if you gave out something that people actually wanted, that they actually wanted to cover for, even stand-in line for. In reality, we believe that when something is distributed free then it should be fundamentally priceless about it. When we get something that we know has value, either in dollars or in its interest to us, we not only remember who gave it to us, but we appear indebted to them.

Seth Godin could be the author of an incredible book called the ideadvirus. In that book, to simplify, he states that in order to quickly spread a message (disease), one has to give some thing of importance away, make it significant enough that others spread it in your stead, and if the message is virus-worthy it'll quickly spread through a group without much work from you. How could you make money from this? Browse the book. The whole book was given by Seth away free on his site, asking only for e-mails in return, to illustrate this and h-e asked visitors to forward the book onto friends and workmates. Understanding the crowd he was looking infect together with his disease, he knew when they liked what they read they would wish to tell people and boast of what they smartly found for free. He actually had about 400 000 packages in-the first couple weeks, and it rose to-the top of its sales charts, just before you imagine he made no money: when he produced the hardcover through In fact those who had obtained the hardcover, went and ordered the e-book edition they felt like they owed Seth. This was a 400-page book I read it, twice it was that great, and proof of the theory he was revealing.

Be aware that what's free on your visitors will cost you something it'll cost you in-your bandwidth/hosting prices, it'll positively cost you something with regards to time and effort to make the website and the thing you give away but if you play the approach right, it pays of