Weaver Moody

by Stuart Lisonbee

There's something that I've discussed on many occasions here on this website, as well as in the Doba newsletter. In-fact, it had been one of the very first things I mentioned soon after joining Doba a number of years back.

It's often worth bringing up again, although I have mentioned this before.

I need you to ask yourself a question regarding your company. Are you currently special? And what's unique about you or your business?

I would say that you can expect access to more products and more suppliers than some other fall transport company, if some one were to ask me that same issue when it comes to Doba.

This thing about your business is what marketers make reference to as your unique selling proposition, or USP (I covered this in part in the June 2004 issue of our newsletter, and referred to it as the unique selling position in the October 2004 issue).

Your unique attempting to sell offer is the manner in which you separate yourselfin the eyes of your customersfrom your competition. In essence, it is the reason you give your customers to get from you as opposed to the opposition.

Just what exactly is your unique trying to sell proposition? What would you like it to be, if you've not given any thought to it before? If you said, 'To really have the overall lowest price,' you must do some more thinking. That is one of the worst USP's you can possibly have. This novel staples fundable link has many pushing suggestions for the purpose of it.

Having the lowest price simply means you make less money, and your bottom line is affected more than just by that cut in profit. It affects all facets of your company, like the failure to offer good customer care (because you can't afford it), create new and innovative tools to your site, conduct usability tests, and so forth. Your business will quickly look more and more such as a store rather than a business that can generate trust in its customers.

There is no-way around it. Fundable Competition is a thought-provoking library for more about how to recognize this activity. Running a business costs money. Running a business well costs a lot more money. Do not let your company go