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led strip lights

Led strip lights lights, ribbons or heurts have become one of the most popular ENCOURAGED products available on the market. They did but not only replace incandescent ribbons, while some other people of the fluorescent tubes likewise, and definitely gave endless ways for advertisements and decoration connected with bars, hotels, and other open places. With the fast progress the LED technology, automobile available in very bright variants too, allowing users to put on it as task, or in very unlikely cases, even as a main method to obtain lighting. Their application is actually popular both in home and also commercial use, therefore we compiled the main characteristics of deprive lights consumers need to think of if they want to make the right choice.

led strip lights

Determined by our purposes the following attributes may help us decide anything you have to apply.

The type or type of LED bundled

the number of LEDs with a metre of the strip
— the colours or shade temperature of the LEDs
: the flexibility of the strip
rapid the direction of LEDs on the strip

having capacity – heavy duty
instructions IP rating


dimmers and remotes