Vinh Le Duy

Vinh Le Duy

Dear Sir/Madam,

As my attached resume indicates, I have spent a significant amount of time to enhance my extensive knowledge of finance after graduating from University of Economics Ho Chi Minh city. In particular, I attended CFA Level I, II preparation course with FTMS; fortunately, I passed CFA Level II in June 2015. These knowledge give me a broad picture of investment fields related to financial markets, policies, accounting practices and strategies. Besides, I am capable of understanding economic conditions along with company’s fundamentals in a given sector or industry in order to analyzing, evaluating and predicting the future growth of the company by using different valuation approaches. Financial modeling is also my interest by using spreadsheet in Excel. Especially, for Vietnam market, the assumptions to be made in estimating the firm’s value must be relevant and realistic along with testing variables in different scenarios. Currently, Finance sector including Banks, Insurance and Securities firms is my priority in my career.

Furthermore, obtaining FRM knowledge qualifies me for risk management professionals, particularly involving in analyzing, controlling and assessing potential credit risk, market risk and liquidity risk. This will support me in assessing how Vietnam financial institutions measure and manage risk. Besides, gathering and analyzing data related to the Business is also my interest by using Excel tools, spreadsheet modeling and MS office.

I am highly interested in a career as Financial Analyst. It seems to fit very well with my educational background, skills and career interests. This position plays an important role of my long-term goal in pursuing my career in Financial Services.

Yours Faithfully,

Vinh Le Duy.

Phone: +84916882823