Lee Ford

Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Lee Ford

Boston, Massachusetts, United States

A worldly traveler of 31 countries and over 200 cities, having lived on 3 continents (visited 4), born of two cultures, and raised by an Army Officer and Business Owner has matured and shaped a genuine character in me over the years that no amount of books or schooling could solely achieve.

Being accustomed to constant and unexpected change has given me the ability to be proactive in preparing contingencies as well as building my ability of meeting and connecting with people very easily.

I'm used to heavy work loads, high expectations, and attention to detail, but hold myself genuinely cheerful and mentally enduring allowing me to balance the natural stresses of working hard while maintaining my sanity.

My work ethic and tenacity are two of my most powerful traits. I have worked the entire week with no weekends for months at a time, in before sun up and out after sun down to complete projects (not saying I would like to do that again). Not one to complain or make excuses but instead make positive remarks like, "embrace the struggle". I am constructively up front and professional about issues to fix it head on, get back on the track of progression, all while keeping a positive attitude.

I'm a motivator by nature and have been told to be a motivational leader or counselor one day. I like to light peoples fires to understand that super cars, yachts, and mansions wouldn't exist in the market if they were not attainable, that even the most famous are just human beings born like you, that a wonderful family doesn't sprout, but that individuals have the ability to attain them and more through their hard work and passion.

Create Purpose, Add Value, Manage your energy wisely, Smile, and Enjoy it with good, like-minded, people.

For my human side, I like to do 5K obstacle runs, role riffs on the piano, mediocre drawing skills, make poor stock market picks, volunteer at the nursing home.

Sprichts du Deutsch? 한국말 할 줄 아니?

>Marketing Major, Army Officer, Real Estate Agent

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