Christopher Lee Murray

I, Christopher LEE Murray, am a very creative and innovative intellectual. I don't think the sky is the limit and I don't aim for the stars. We are all born as stars, my desire is to be human. To love and care for people regardless of who they are or what they do. I can't make the world a better place, but i can make a difference, so i refuse to fit in, while striving to stand out. I desire to pursue careers in the fields of Computer Science/Computer Engineering, Business, and Media. I have a passion for computers and electronics. Establishing and owning a Jamaican multinational corporation which manufacturers electronics is my priority so I can help develop Jamaica, my home. I am very motivational. I believe that I can and will achieve all my aspirations with consistent hard work, determination, and faith in God. I seek to ensure that my success be attained and my intellect and professional demeanor aggrandize Ad Majorem Dei Gloraim (Latin for 'For the Greater Glory of God'). ¤a little more than average¤ *I built my first PC when i was 8. It finally crashed on saturday 27th, November 2010. *I completed my Unit 1 Computer Science IA from a year before I even started the classes. *I am the first in my family to graduate, and the only with 8 CSECs. *I build programs and do other techie stuff for fun. *Yes, I AM A COMPUTER GEEK. *I cry more than anyone will ever know. *I love to make and see people smile :-) *I WILL NEVER GIVE UP! Call me what you like, and if you feel so, do what you like. Just know this: "I AM CHRISTOPHER LEE MURRAY, SON OF LECIA GORE, A CHILD OF GOD, NONETHELESS, A HUMAN BEING. I breath, I smile, I am a man, but yes, I CRY. I desire to achieve, and with faith in God, I SHALL!!! Nothing, and noone will ever stop me, from being me! I live to make a difference, I live to make a change, I try my best to do God's will. Yes, i may be human, but, regardless... ... ... I, AM A GEORGIAN!!!

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