Lee Fox

entrepreneur and Mother in Malibu, California

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As a "youth advocacy architect," Lee Fox has dedicated the last decade of her career to designing youth engagement and empowerment stratagems. Her work has been featured by the United Nations Research Institute in "Youth Media & Participation"; Mashable; PSKF's "The Future Of Gaming" report; and in a New York best-selling book, "Millennial Momentum: How A New Generation Is Remaking America", among others. In January 2015, Lee founded PeerSpring, a civic-tech educational start-up with the mission of closing the skills-gap for the next generation. Schools white-label PeerSpring’s Project-Based Learning platform with their own branding and learning objectives so students can develop critical 21st century literacies by solving real-world problems. Lee's expertise in generational trends, drivers of popular culture, emerging social finance vehicles, peer-to-peer economies, digital currencies and the future of philanthropy has also enabled multiple speaking engagements (including TEDx) across the nation.