Lee G. Lovett

Lee G. Lovett's career and life have both been drive largely by curiosity. He is an insatiable reader who takes in around a book or so a week from age twenty-five until today. He has taken an interest in ethics, logic, metaphysics, the religious scripture of all kinds of faiths, existentialism, science-lay physics, poetry, and classic literature. He has also long held an interest in physical activities like lifting weights, aerobic activity like biking and running, skiing, fishing, and coaching youth sports—with an emphasis on baseball. In his early days, he also played a good deal of chess. For decades, he has enjoyed singing in pretty much any form. This includes singing country-western, yodeling, whistling, and semi-serious pop. He has soloed in church duets and choices, in school, at charitable benefits, on live radio, and has even competed in, and won, amateur competitions.

Lee G. Lovett has, over the course of his life, been involved in many entrepreneurial start-ups, especially in the telecommunications industry. He has also practiced law for many years, especially focusing on communications law. He has founded or co-founded over one-hundred primarily telecommunications businesses. This includes radio stations, cable television companies, cellular telephone systems, a long distance telephone company, and an SMR wireless telco. Most of the businesses were sold to public companies and all are still operating today. At the suggestion of his family, Lee G. Lovett began publishing his clandestine writings. This includes publishing Happiness in Seven Steps, which is now an e-book on Amazon. Over the course of his career, Lee G. Lovett has co-founded a number of successful law firms. He is still a member of the bar in Washington D.C. and Maryland.