Eun Hyuk

Eun Hyuk

Lee Hyuk-jae (Hangul: 이혁재; Hanja: 李赫宰) was born on 4 April 1986, mononymously credited by his stage name Eunhyuk (Hangul: 은혁; Hanja: 銀赫). He is a South Korean singer-songwriter, dancer, rapper and television host. He is best known as the main dancer and rapper of Super Junior and their subgroups, Super Junior-T and Super Junior-H. In 2011, he joined Super Junior's Mandopop subgroup, Super Junior-M and the duo Donghae & Eunhyuk.

Eun Hyuk Facts:

1 .Eunhyuk is best friends with Xiah Junsu of DongBangShinKi. They have been friends since childhood.

2. When asked who his ideal girl was Eunhyuk said that it was Emma Watson.

3. Out of all the Super Junior members, Eunhyuk eats the most

4. Eunhyuk’s favorite colors are white, blue, beige, and grey

5. Eunhyuk’s childhood dreams were to be a soccer player and a singer.

6. Eunhyuk used to collect snails. He says that cute animals are his favorites but he likes snails as well.

7. Because he is so skinny, Eunhyuk received the new nickname “myeol chi” (anchovy)

8. Eunhyuk has a birth mark on his right palm

9. Eunhyuk’s favorite sport is soccer.

10. Eunhyuk’s favorite fruits are strawberries, oranges and gyool (found in Korea). He loves strawberry milk.

11. Eunhyuk was often late for school

12. Eunhyuk hates half cooked food

13. When Eunhyuk was younger, his family was going through financial problems and his father had health issues. He had a girlfriend at the time, but had no money to spend on dates or gifts. He had been borrowing money from his friends but he didn’t want to do so anymore. He kept avoiding going on dates because he didn’t want to hurt her. The relationship ended like this. In the end, he says that he let her go because of love.

14. Schools that Eunhyuk has attended are SungSangYooAhWon-Preschool, ByungSuhl Kindergarten, NeungGohk Elementary school, HwahSoh High School, and HwahGohk High School.

15. Eunhyuk is extremely protective over his laptop. He refuses to let anyone touch it. He was afraid that someone would find out his password so he changed it over 6 times.

16. “I like moving. I like clearing up my room, and I like rearranging the furniture. This kind of frame of mind is very good, I like adapting to a new environment.”

17. He is often called “BEJEWELED” or “the Jewel Guy” because of this choice of stage name and “the Dancing M

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