Jungdo Lee

Hello, world. My name is Jungdo Lee. I am on a motorcycle trip from LA, USA to Buenos Aires, Argentina, riding approximately 20,000 miles for six months.

I want to be an entrepreneur in the future. That's why I am meeting entrepreneurs and businessmen along the long way down to Argentina. Based on the lessons and inspiration that I will have had on the road, I am going to write a book and give the learning back to the people who haven't had a chance to dream and act on their beliefs.

I want to dream big. Because life is way too big for small things. I want to be extraordinary. Because life is way too great for the ordinaries.

Following is the list of the companies that have agreed to meet me: Google, Digg.com, Musicshake.com, Espresso Vivace Rosteria, KreditFly.com, inDSP, TOMS, MasterImage3D, Milo.com, Blackcloset.com, Oracle, Barley&Birch, BTTR Ventures, AppMakr, Booga Ventures, Gymga, Innova Material, and so on.