Justin Lee

I am told that one of my most unique attributes is my love of people. Homo sapiens distract me and fascinate me to no end. Often, due to my sheer interest in other people, I can connect effectively with teammates, neighbors, and mentors of many types and stripes. No doubt, collaboration manifests our best, and my rich interactions with others have brought about exciting results. It is my passion for people that helps to drive my activities, career ambitions, and desire to rise in the morning!

If you have a project that touches the lives of people in profound, useful, and healthy ways, I should be delighted to contribute to that endeavor. My Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles are below for your perusal.

Feel free to email me if you should you like to have a late night discussion on the Nature of Man, genetic diseases, martial arts techniques, Pixar Animation Studios, Rachmaninoff, males vs. females, racquet sports, Stradivarius violins, haute cuisine, or anything so interesting. Also email, of course, if you'd like to chat about a project.