Lee Levy

Cape Town

My Phenomenal Success is a never ending journal worth reading....

My journal dates back to 1994 - when I first entered the Corporate Industry. Armed with a enthusiasm, positives & lengthy experience in Sales & Retail, I set out to build a business... one Rand at a time.

It was my unwavering work ethic, optimism & charisma that laid the foundation for my Co. By 2001, I, personally had more clients than one person could manage even though 90% of them were friends, and realized I needed to increase myself & went on a crazy spending spree opening Retail business interest all over Cape Town to form THE PLATINUM LIFESTYLE GROUP INTERNATIONAL.

With my guidance, THE PLATINUM LIFESTYLE GROUP INTERNATIONAL underwent a transformation from a Sales hub to Management Consulting Firm. Systems were put in place, employees hired & processes developed.

With my vision of a better way to manage staff & valuable strategic skills, THE PLATINUM LIFESTYLE GROUP INTERNATIONAL quickly became a pioneer in the industry Managing the 021 Group Of Companies Brand. A Vision I still strongly believe true!

The concept of personal attention from a team of professionals each contributing their expertise toward client success & peace of mind became both my aspiration and inspiration.

I AM not afraid of challenges & will never show my true worth unless you take the time to look deeper than what you see. My Phenomenal Management, Organizational, Motivational & Inspirational Success Skills, completes my Resume of the Most Positive Person you will ever meet.

Optimism is MY Fresh Fountain of youth!

  • Work
    • Chief Excutive Officer, TPLGI
  • Education
    • MBA