Lee Orren

Business Development Executive in Johannesburg, South Africa

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My name is Lee Orren. I was born in and raised in the small town of Middleburg South Africa. Growing up in a very competitive world I was expected to adapt at any tasks that where given to me. I was also enrolled in many different extracurricular activities on top of my studies. As a result Cricket, rugby, marathons, hockey and athletics were all part of my life while growing up. During my life in Middleburg South Africa, I went to school at Steelcrest High, a highly motivated and powerful school that strived and accomplished results year on year.

After I had matriculated I started to work at the most advanced and profound electrical wholesaler in the town. This is where it all began, I was a fresh young student straight out of school and walked straight into the real world. I learnt a hard lesson in life and that is we all start at the bottom, it was tough to adapt but there I was working behind the scenes in the stores. Due to my hard work and enthusiasm it changed soon and I was promoted to sales, after being in sales for a year I aspired and become a Sales manager, the youngest sales manager ever in the company but I made it.

After two very successful years of learning and growing I was approached by the opposition now my new home, to work for them. There I stood shocked “Just been head hunted” by this biggest electrical wholesaler in the Southern Hemisphere. After joining the company I started as internal sales and soon became a technical sales representative. The year after, I was transferred to Pretoria as a technical sales representative and all the doors just opened and my life changed. At the age of 23 I become the youngest Manager of a branch in the group at that time, wow is all I can say truly blessed but always humble. After having the best mentors and teachers I grew from success to success. 3 years later I was promoted to the Regional office where I maintained many various functions in a support base to the branches within the region.

​This was a very educational and eye opening transformation time in my life. After really excelling at a regional level I had embarked on the move to our team at Head Office and this is where I currently live out my career. Still with the same company (Family) growing day after day and learning from the best in the industry.