Lee Phillips

Provo, UT

I’m Lee R. Phillips and I have been showing people how to get superior asset protection, make more money using the law, and secure their financial future for over 25 years. I’ve been practicing law for over 30 years.

I'm also counselor to the U.S. Supreme Court

Very early on in my career, I was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given about 3 weeks to live. After a long battle I finally beat the cancer. But I didn’t work for 2 years!

...my medical bills were staggering...

Now remember, I was already an attorney and I still got taken to the cleaners by the legal system and various creditors. I understand what it is to lose everything through no fault of your own — just because somebody in the family gets sick.

I was furious about what the legal community was doing to people! They set you up to fail, because it guarantees their future work. How the lawyers and legal websites do it is very subtle, and the general public never sees what happens.

After seeing first-hand the effects of financial tragedies on my family, I have dedicated my career to helping people do the simple legal paperwork that can make all the difference in the world when financial tragedies such as death, divorce, taxes, lawsuits and illness strike. It’s not hard to do it right, but few people, only the really smart people, ever do it.

  • Work
    • Asset Protection, Estate Planning, Legal Structure
  • Education
    • B.S. Geology
    • M.S. Analytical Chemestry
    • J.D.