Lee West

Consultant, Public Speaker, and Project Manager in Charlotte, North Carolina

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I am a business consultant, public speaker, and investment manager currently living in Charlotte, North Carolina. My interests range from innovation to technology.

As a Business Consultant I help small to mid-size businesses become lean, optimized and higher performing. I do that by consulting on a variety of topics, such as Mergers & Acquisitions, Technology, Business Efficiency and helping them enhance their Customer Experience.

I also founded Tidewater Capital Services as a real estate investment company dedicated to serving our investors and supporting worthwhile community initiatives. I specialize in strategy development, property and demographic analysis, negotiation, budgeting, renovation and construction management, physical site security and incident management, asset and facility management, as well as consulting services for property owners, investors, and other investment businesses. Our focus is on investment-grade properties throughout the United States with a special focus on the Carolinas.

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