Chia-Jung Lee

I am an international student from Taiwan. I am currently pursuing a two years diploma in Business Management and Entrepreneurship at Algonquin College.

My goals is to start my own a clothing retailing business within 5 years after I graduate from Algonquin College. Why clothing retailing? That is because I am very enthusiatic on clothing and fashion, and I want to do things I love instread of things that I am expected to do.

For the first 2-3 years, I can gain some experience by working for my parents, and will spend roughly 1-2 years on my business planning which will cover the marketing researching, marketing needs, relative laws and so on.

Specialties: I can speak three different languages (Taiwanese, Chinese, and English). I speak fluent Taiwanese and Chinese, and I am now doing my best to improve my English skills. I am also good at using Microsoft word, Excel, Powerpoint, and programs like this.

Personal Interests: I love music, traveling around the world, learning about different culture and discovering new things everyday.