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sup im lee welcome 2 my byf for my spam acc

its more of a what to expect tbh lmao

i dont kin with anyone and i probably wont tag u as ur kins unless ur my close friend srry

i get sad sometimes?? everyone does but like its just a heads up. i dont like venting to ppl and itll just pass anyway. if u want to help or smthn i like being tagged in stuff i like? eg makeup videos, aesthetic stuff, funny videos, characters that i post about etcetc and thatll be ok!

ill most likely post a gross venty post on the 30th of each month but itll be under a read more but if u read it pls like it

pls dont go thru my acc and spam me christ

i spam post sometimes but i have that many posts for a reason ;);)

yes my main is @lumellee id appreciate if u follow that 2 or smthn

thats all i rly ask

if u wanna follow, dm me a picture of a lizard

muah xoxo