Lee Desiree Labra-Puyat

Lee Desiree Labra-Puyat

Hi, I am Lee and I am a hopeless romantic. I do everything when its come to loving someone. I get addicted to reading romantic novels. I slept late (as late as 1:00AM) just to finish what i'm reading.

I love to sing, dance, play volleyball, watch movies, basketball & football games and read books/novels.

I love starbucks coffee (cafe mocha and coffee jelly are my faves). I am vain when it comes to the food i eat and exercise. I worry if there are times that i feel like i eat a lot or missed my workout schedule.

I am working right now as a Front Desk Officer in one of the top companies here in the Philippines (SVENSON INTERNATIONAL). Our products consists of treatments for hair and scalp problems like dandruff, hairfall, alopecia and other hair thinning problems. I assist our manager in the overall operation of the center.

My goals in life are, first I wanted to start my own business, since i love coffee and i read a lot, i am planning to have a coffee shop like starbucks but with a mini library). Second, I want to buy my own car and find something to invest for the future. And I will really find a way to travel around the world with my kids.

Right now, i am focusing on the development of our place for i am planning to put up a swimming pool for public use plus videoke rooms and billiard halls.

If I'm just wealthy, I will build a home for the street children and the homeless in our country. It breaks my heart seeing children beg in the street for food and money. Right now, i can only give them money or food whenever i see them around the streets.