Michelle Lee

Teacher in Kingston, Ontario, Canada

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Hi everybody,

I'm Michelle and here's my bio for ELL 3.

Teaching / Travel Experience:

- 1 year as an ESL teacher in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

- B Ed at Deakin University, Melbourne

- 3 more years in Taiwan

- back to Kingston from whence I came, OT to LTO to contract within 2 years

- army-husband posted to Ottawa, so OTing and LTOing for the OCDSB

- Last semester there I had a special class of ELLs made up of Somalian, Indian, Pakistani, Iraqi, and Syrian students.

- posted back to YGK, resumed contract. ENG last semester and FLS this, but have a section of ESL in the fall, yay!

Previous Language Learning Experience:

- Spanish for 4 years in high school (loved it, came to me pretty easily as I was raised in a bilingual French-English household)

- 4 months in Spain teaching ESL

- had to learn some Chinese in Taiwan to function

General Approach to Teaching: It depends on the subject area, the learners, the resources available, the support system in the school, and so on. The way I worked with the aforementioned ELL class, who were motivated, eager to move on to the next level, in an ELL-friendly school, applying their knowledge from class to their daily life was completely different to the way I approached my FSL 1P class last semester, who didn't care about French, knew it was just a check they had to get to get their diploma, etc. I guess what's always consistent is my belief that they're all capable of improving, they all bring something special, that learning - L2 learning in particular - should be both fun, useful, relevant, and memorable.

What Inspires Me:

The students of course! ELLs are so amazing, however they've arrived in Canada, they've all been through so much and have a wealth of experience and knowledge to tap into. They make such measurable progress, it's a rewarding and humbling experience to work with them.

Why I Have Chosen this Field:

See above :) It's truly something I enjoy and feel confident in - yet I'm keen to improve and learn more. My passion comes from experience as an L2 learner and living abroad - I can empathize with them and remember what it's like to be in that position.

Interests and Hobbies:

- dogs! (my own two, plus volunteering with the KHS and OHS for 9 years)

- running (ultramarathons even! but not more than a half since my kiddo came along)

On the News:

It's hard not to be touched by what's happening at the US-Mexico border. I can't even imagine what those families are feeling and worry a lot about the well-being of those 2000 children.