Lee Ackerson

Ben Lomond, California near Santa Cruz

My name is Lee Ackerson, www.linkedin.com/pub/lee-ackerson/1/6b5/254, and I am an entrepreneur with years of experience in startups primarily creating embedded hardware and software.

Now I am a principal in Renebot, a company creating a completely open sourced 30" high, humanoid robot with 25 degrees of freedom with the precision of athletic humans and will only cost the user $125 or less. With the free open sourced motion software even a 12 year old without any knowledge of software or CAD will be able to create astounding robotic motion.

At Xerox PARC I was a consultant for a couple of years creating the software for managing the capture of images from wireless interfaces and displaying those images on electronic paper ; think of Amazon’s Kindle display which came a couple of years later.
As a Member of the Research Staff at PARC’s robotics lab I created embedded designs for rescue robots, mentored high school kids every summer at PARC ( technology summer camp without the mud), and designed massively paralleled DSP hardware, CAN networks, and software for Xerox’s next generation of distributed intelligence for very high end printers and copiers.
At Aerogen I was the Engineering Manager and sole electrical engineer creating the medical startup’s revolutionary hand-held nebulizer for delivering micron sized drugs. Using that design, Aerogen took it to clinical trials and about a year later leveraged the success to raise considerable money through an IPO.
I started Jefferson Programmed Power, LLC (JPP) and received a DARPA grant for a $434,000 program to develop 150 KWatt motor controllers for heavy duty electric vehicles. The program was successful, but the industry died a premature death in 1999.
As a consultant I have been having great fun creating microinverters that are years ahead of the competition in terms of cost, reliability and performance. I also have been very busy designing controllers for brushless D.C. motors used in EVs, motor/generator set for wind power, battery chargers, and concept design for electric watercraft.
When not fully engaged in technology development, my wife and I love to hop into our RV and go exploring. It kind of reminds us of when we younger we used to hop into our VW bus at a moment’s notice and head for parts unknown.

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