Alfred Lee

Alfred has a mind for ideas, a heart for poetry and a nose for tinkering. In his current assignment, he is Associate Creative Director at Grey Digital. Alfred has been on the Honor Roll of Ogilvy's World's Greatest Salesperson challenge by selling a brick through YouTube.

He has been a poet for over 15 years and is one of the founding poets of 'Monday Night Slam' aka 'Poetry on the Big Mic' which gives aspiring poets a performance platform.

Alfred considers himself a creative scientist. He has written a book called 'Think Faster' designed to hack brainstorming.

He also is a firm beleiver that creativity is not about process but practice. He is currently penning a book and lecture series on the subject.

When not juggling all these roles, he indulges himself in Scrabble and Lego. Alfred is also a stationery geek, wine lover, and tech evangelist.