LeeAnn Welch

Chatham, ON, Canada

​I am one of six children of a loving mom named LeeAnn Welch. I made this page because my mom needs a new kidney.

If you asked her, she would tell you that she's 25, on birthdays she counts backwards. Her story really began fifty years ago- May 9th, 1963. After growing up, she married a handsome electrician named Brent in 1982. Eleven years and three young children later, my mother had turned her love for kids into a home daycare business. She spent the days moulding young minds; navigating through diapers, crying and crayons. The number of children positively impacted by my amazing mom goes well into the double digits. All the while, she was never far whenever we needed her- a dedicated mother and loving wife. Soon after that, she took over her own dad’s life insurance business, working from home to always be there for those she loved.

When I was in high school, my parents decided that blessing three children just wasn’t enough. They prayed and ultimately decided to adopt three more! Things certainly changed. Our house was (is) a zoo and my mom is the zookeeper. Without her, the wild animals would go hungry, roam unrestricted, and in all likelihood, terrorize the surrounding area. Her oldest kid is now almost 26 years old, soon to be a law school graduate. Another two are in university themsleves. There are still three rowdy children at home, in need of attention, supervision and care. For 26 years, my mom has been parenting. She’s done this through great trial- a victorious battle with breast cancer, the financial strain of an eight person family, and the emotional stresses of a 31 year marriage.

Now the matter at hand. 17 years ago, my mom was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease. This has rendered her kidneys utterly useless. She is now only alive due to the grace of God and a home dialysis machine. This machine preforms her kidney’s functions and she has to “hook-up” for eight hours each night. It doesn’t really do the job, though. She is still clinically exhausted, can no longer walk any reasonable distance, and is often plagued with forgetfulness and insomnia. The longer she waits, the more life-threatening the debilitating disease becomes. She’s been waiting for a kidney transplant for 11 years and, now, I’ve decided to pick up the pace a little bit.

I am looking for a new kidney for my mom. It’s a qu