Student in the Philippines

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4 words describes me:
Scatterbrain, clumsy, a bit gullible and forgetful

I act and dress like a guy but still straight.

I'm always lazy as hell.

I don't talk too much and shy type. But when I'm already compatible with you, I'm weird and fun. I can punch you in the face or cuss you hahaha i was just kidding. I'm fun when you get to know me.

I have 3 moods: Childish, mature, and I don't want to you know. I'm a bit bitchy when you make me mad. You won't like me when I'm mad or I won't communicate you ever!!!

I can't or hardly to speak english or can't speak english fluently.

I'm inlove with foods and my idols.

There... Now you know me! You can now check my accounts down below!! ⤵

Additional accounts:

SNAPCHAT: itsanniiiee
VINE: Leeyanne or link below ⤵⤵⤵