Lee Ann Melancon

Lee Ann Melancon is a diverse individual who was born in Taiwan, to a Chinese Mother and French Father. “I’ve traveled and lived all over the world and in the Northeast, never staying longer than a few years. I guess you could call me a ‘corporate brat’. Then I was recruited and relocated by a major New York based Cosmetic company to the metro area.” Lee Ann settled in Central New Jersey in 1985 from Massachusetts. She said, “Location, location, location! Easy commuting no matter where you work: Centered in the state between NYC and Philly with great access to major highways, mass transit and Newark Airport. The rolling hills and valleys offer picturesque landscapes that reminded me of New England.” These same reasons are still true today. That’s why Central New Jersey and its Real Estate market has grown consistently even in tough economic times. Lee Ann’s career spans over twenty years of sales and marketing management for International and National Beauty, Fragrance and Fashion Icons. “After all those years of mentoring and coaching corporate professionals, I’ve found that one of the most rewarding aspects of my career was sharing my knowledge and seeing others succeed.” Service Beyond Expectation”, that is the mission statement that drives me. Going above and beyond for my clients is the norm, not the exception. I pride myself on effective listening skills to determine the needs of the clients. Detailed, organized and visionary action plans are why my clients have total confidence in my ability to get them results. Through honesty, integrity and an open mind, I have the loyalty and trust of my clients. My clients are my partners. We are a team. I never loose focus of what matters most, the client and the results.