Lee Bryant

London, United Kingdom.

Lee Bryant is passionate about using social technology to put humans front and centre of the way we do things in the Twenty-First Century. He has been playing with words and computers since the age of 10, but it was in the mid-1990's, whilst working in international politics and diplomacy, that he discovered the immense power of the internet to influence and orchestrate change.

Social networks, not bureaucracies, are the organising principle of the current era.

He co-founded Headshift in 2002 to investigate new uses for social software inside companies and organisations, which became a leading international social business consultancy and was acquired by Dachis Group in 2009.

Lee is now working on a new venture focused on new forms of organisational design based on social technology: http://postshift.com

Photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ter-burg/4047370139/