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hello! my name is aleena but sometimes I go by lee, either is fine!

some quick things about me:

•I am a taurus

•I am an enfp

•I am a cis girl

•I love oikawa tooru more than anything

•I am Muslim so please avoid making ignorant comments around me!!

my kins:

•Kaori Miyazono (Your Lie in April)

•Yuuri Katsuki (Yuri!!! on Ice)

•Sora (Kingdom Hearts)

If you kin with any of these characters above, you can request to follow me! just dm me beforehand telling me that you also kin with them. I love meeting people just like me, great minds think alike! also I'll add more kins as I gain more

•I also have a secret kin but only some people can know because I cannot openly kin with the character due to some circumstances, if you would like to know who my secret kin is please dm me! I'll tell you if you aren't related with the circumstances which restrict me from openly kinning with them.

thank you! I hope you have a good day today :D