Chris Grant

Consultant in the United States

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At my core, I am a man driven by curiosity, addicted to acquiring knowledge, focused on obtaining wisdom, and creating value in the World. I devoted much of my life in the pursuit of meaningful connection and growth, and as a result, have become adept at surfing through the waves of uncertainty.

I’m a person on a journey, seeking to explore and develop to my fullest potential. As a serial entrepreneur and active journeyman hiking through the 21st century, I play many roles; my favorites being: "Wealth Architect," "Master Strategiest," and "Sovereign Leader."

People find me eccentric, intelligent, creative, honest, loyal, committed, and focused. I've been gifted with an old soul, strong heart and dynamic mind. These allow me to be an effective coach and advisor, helping others steer through complexity, believe in what's only imagined and actually do the “impossible.” Our greatest desires, our greatest potential often lies within our strongest fears.

The Last 25 Years...
I've been involved in various entrepreneurial ventures. In 1988, I co-founded LFP Productions; a music production firm now operating in Norway.

In the 90’s, I began my journey as a IT consultant and with the arrival of “New Millennium,” I transitioned to pure management consulting, creating value to growing companies through my own consulting practice: The Lazarus Group and now with web 2.0 ventures like LSi Media and MeYouSocial. I found time to write and publish a book, joined the Board at Shenandoah U, and helped one of my mentors with their first book.

When I look at my life, I feel amazement, joy and gratitude for what's occurring. I''m privileged to have had major challenges–and with them–extraordinary opportunities to grow not only as a person but professionally.

The Next 25 Years...
It's all about alignment, intention and contribution. I'm working with several innovative organizations, contributing where I can and am exploring various entrepreneurial opportunities...