Lee DeBarros Florida

Consultant in St. Augustine, Florida

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Arguably a talented and hardworking Broker at Southeast Farms, Inc., Lee DeBarros has established himself as a dependable sales professional who can work on building a book of business for his employer. Gifted with good communication skills, Mr. DeBarros contacts potential customers or even goes to their business when he’s not selling orders over the phone. He also checks to see if orders placed are in stock, negotiating prices successfully and preparing reports to help facilitate his employer’s business. He is able to conduct business transactions expertly, ensuring optimal benefits for his employer while cementing a solid business relationship with company clients.

Lee DeBarros loves the opportunity to travel that comes with his job, as it has enabled him to work different territories. Because of this too, Mr. Barros has been able to build strong relationships with receivers and farmers across the United States and Canada. He keeps in touch with customers consistently, telling them of the estimated delivery schedule, service contracts and other information relevant to purchased products. From time to time and as needed, Mr. DeBarros also performs extensive research to ensure that the company can keep up with the latest technological trends in the field. He creates a list of sales leads and does follow up to ensure continued business for the company. Lee also keeps abreast of market needs and trends as well as new companies cropping up. He prepares contracts and makes sure they are legally binding for the sake of all parties concerned.

Adept at building solid business relationships, Lee DeBarros has been a valuable asset and dependable team player for the company he serves. He is a trusted representative for Southeast Farms in Hastings, FL, doing his best to deserve the position he has been assigned with. Lee DeBarros knows the value of hard work and is determined to succeed in his chosen career.