DeJun Lee

The District of Columbia

Literally like 2 in the morning right now, and I'm up writing a bio for this page. To keep it short I'm a college student studying Nursing, can speak Chinese, and loves to eat. I am also a vegetarian.

At a point in my life where, happiness is found through exploring and learning about other cultures. This may sound kind of cheesy but it's true. I've literally been immersing myself in all types of cultures from Catholic culture to Chinese culture. umm Don't know, I'm just really interested in things different from me, but all of these things have some how melted into the person here today.

I was raised in middle class Black America's cultures and traditions. Lived all over Chocolate City, and it's suburbs. Currently back in the city pursuing a bachelors degree and the essentials to achieve some of my biggest dreams.

The Vice President of Howard University and former Mayor of Baltimore, Kurt Schmoke recently spoke at my school, The Catholic University of America. During this presentation he told us a story about being asked "what he wanted to do" when he graduated from Law school. Mr. Schmoke answered with "I want to be a mayor" but the man asking him replied "that's not what I asked, I didn't ask you what you want to be, I asked what do you want to do." I then began questioning my "dreams" causing me to re-evaluate my life's goals and aspirations.

I think I want to be a Nurse, I think I like learning another language and about other groups of people, I think I like working hard and accomplishing things. I however, know that I want to help others from all walks of life, particularly in Healthcare, through charm, knowledge, and thoroughness. Conclusively, whether or not I actually become a Nurse, go to Med school, or join the Peace Corps after I graduate, I will find a way to"do what I want to do!"

This blog will encompass the journey taken through my undergraduate career in finding one's self, achieving one's dreams, and the obstacles that come along with it.

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    • Nursing Student at The Catholic University of America