Dongheon Lee

Consultant and Project Manager in 판교역로, 대한민국

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Dongheon is passionate to broaden his experimental boundaries, interested in high-tech manufacturing industry, and excited in sharing thought with others.

As a management consultant at PwC and Accenture, Dongheon has accomplished a variety of consulting projects. For more than four years, he has expanded his career experience mostly on high-tech industry such as semiconductor, network, and telecom industry. In the latest project, he led the project team to transform product classification system at sk hynix, the world's second largest memory semiconductor manufacturer.

Now, Dongheon want to apply his previous learning to actually carrying out work. By working on several projects, he found his passion on the high-tech manufacturing sector and hopes to advance his career in this industry. In particular, the electric car industry is what he is interested in.

Here are some interesting things about Dongheon Lee.

He had lived at Huston, Texas for a year when he was three years old.

He had worked as a barista at Starbucks.

He played "Death of a sales man" at college drama club.

He flies a drone in his spare time.

Dongheon prefer participation over observation. This is because he knows, for instance, the huge difference between the front and back side of the desk at Starbucks and the gap between on and off the stage. Without personally taking a plunge, one cannot fully appreciate the true taste and value of the experience.