trucker, mobile marketer, and Web Developer in Illinois

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Donna owns and operates her own semi truck. She is a mobile marketer roaming around the country.

Her marketing strategies are to develop her website as she shares her knowledge-based techy skills that she has learned with her headphones on, as she drives down the road.

The community that she is growing wildly with is called Opportunity Launch>>Next Level Entrepreneur's>> Paid Daily Lifestyle>>Team Leverage, there are many tools and knowledgeable leaders teaching things like

* blogging effectively

* multimedia techniques

* personal branding

* email management skills

* multi-business management

* community coaching

* becoming a successful leader

.... and so much more in a team atmosphere.

How can life get any better?

Contact me,lets chat.

skype: donna.lee490

office: 314-690-1913

“Happiness is not an accident. Nor is it something you wish for. Happiness is something you design.”~ Jim Rohn

DonnaLeeMotherTrucker's mission is to serve others and create Peace, Prosperity & Wellness in the world throughout her readership! Please, like, comment,& share to all!


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