Eddie Lee

I write and sing songs for The Zarrs. Don't worry if you haven't heard of us - you and millions of others :-)

In spite of that, The Zarrs have become something of a mini-phenom (is that even possible?) and I'm really pleased with that. Not just for me you understand, but because everybody associated with The Zarrs is working so hard to get where we want to be. And where is that you may ask... go on, ask...

Simple. On a stage playing for you. And we are. Often. So come check us out sometime. You'll quite possibly like us - lots do. And you know something, I may know why.

See, I'm not a kid anymore and the one thing I'm sure I learned is that the good things in life are not always complicated or expensive. In fact most of the time they are not. They're simple. So why not drop by our website www.thezarrs.com or visit us on Facebook or Twitter and see for yourself what the buzz is about.

The Zarrs - it's simply good music.