Lee G Lovett

Washington, DC

Lee G. Lovett is a retired attorney, mainly famous for his work throughout the 60s to 80s. Lovett became famous for the cases he presided over, between the FCC and several telecommunications companies. Lee also helped to form several successful legal firms during that time.

Mr. Lovett is a graduate of George Washington University. He gained his legal license for the first time in 1959, and remains a licensed attorney to this day. Although more recently, Lee G. Lovett has been focused on another passion.

Lee always had a passion for books, and has been committed to reading at least one new book a week for most of his life. That sparked an inspiration to become an author himself. In fact, Lee just published his first book, Happiness in Seven Steps, with plans to continue publishing now that he has the time to pursue those interests.

  • Work
    • Attorney
  • Education
    • George Washington University