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Lee Hnetinka Does it Again With His Newest Offering From Darkstore: a Hosted Shopping Cart

When Silicon Valley entrepreneur Lee Hnetinka launched Darkstore in 2016, he had a vision of allowing e-commerce clients to compete with Amazon - a lofty goal. However, he had a plan, one based on the concept that retailers often have unused space they would be happy to rent out to other businesses for the purpose of storing goods, and at lower rates than those offered by traditional warehouse storage facilities. While such practices are common in cities like London and Taiwan, Hnetinka adapted the concept to create a 3PL, on-demand delivery service catering to e-commerce clients and offering same-day and 2-day delivery options.

After receiving major funding earlier this year from PivotNorth Capital, to the tune of $1.4 million, Hnetinka was able to expand Darkstore's operations and offerings in a couple of key ways. First, he partnered with delivery company T-Force Final Mile to expand into new markets. In addition to using traditional shipping companies like USPS, UPS, and FedEx, partnerships with delivery services like Deliv and T-Force Final Mile have allowed Darkstore to service new locales, which now include 40 major markets from Los Angeles and Seattle to New York and Miami, and dozens in between.

In addition, Darkstore has unveiled a valuable new service for clients: a hosted shopping cart solution that is quick and easy to implement, offers customization, and provides consumers with the same convenience and delivery options a major competitor like Amazon can supply. How does the newest offering from Darkstore work and how can e-commerce clients benefit from the upgrade?

On-Site Implementation

When e-commerce clients elect to implement Darkstore's hosted shopping cart, the company will provide a customizable banner for the website, offering same-day delivery. This banner consists of only a single line of code that can be added to any webpage in just minutes. Other third-party solutions involve significantly more time and effort to integrate, making Darkstore's solution far more convenient.

This banner will only appear to website visitors within range of one of Darkstore's many fulfillment locations, ensuring that same-day delivery is offered only to eligible customers. When users click on the banner, they will be directed to Darkstore's hosted page for the client company.